By : Lusita Meilana

I don’t know why, everyday i always afraid with my self. Especially about my future time. What do wanna be?  It’s big quastion in my mind. Without i am undergraduate now, but i worry after i pass from  my lecture, what must i do? I don’t wanna become commuter or other, but i really wanna become interpreneurship. As a chollage student i always learn hard everyday. I think it’s imposible to have got a good future time for me without learning hard first. As young generation i’ll be shamed to become  unemployment after passing from my lecture. After i’ve passed the manuscrip, i won’t depend on other person. I haveto be useful for a lot of person or at least. I have to be useful for my self.

I’m confident yes i’m very confidenth of my self that i’ll be able to have got a good job when i want. I won’t come out the office together with millions person just to get the information about vacancies of jobs. I have to be able to make the spare time activities for a lot of persons or at least it’s for my self. I don’t want to become a jobless.

I wonder there are millions of indonesian people come in and come out the offices just to get the information about vacancies of jobs. Some of them said that to work in the office as an afficer/ official is better than to work at the garden as a farmer. But according to me it’s not true.

You know that our country is very large and it consists of more than tweleve thousand island and isles. There are millions hectares of land out of java island can be used for farming or gardening. I think we can be rich when we want to become modern farmers and transmigrations.

We have to study hard and we have o work hard because we should participate in the development of our country. We have to be always to study and to work seriously. A lot of very important person said that “no persons is rich without srudying or working seriously. I think what the very important person said is true.

So from now on, i really believe if i learn and work hard, i will reach my dream exacly.

No Dream No success !!!!!!!!!!


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