My Profil

Lusita Meilana was Born on 1992 exactly in National Education Day and become second child from two, at village far away from the city called Pematang Tahalo village East Lampung, Indonesia. Her activities and creating were on Outgoing Exchange of AIESEC Official Expansion IPB, Aquatic Ecology Assistant, Ichthyology Assistant, Assistant of Summer Course Introduction to Tropical Biodiversity from the Forest to the Sea Tokyo University of Agriculture and Bogor Agricultural University, Aquatic Productivity Assistant, Obsever of Indonesian Young Changemakers Summit (IYCS),  Runer up IPB Green Living Movement In Compas Youth Creativity, Leader of PKM Karsa Cipta funded by DIKTI with title: SPP (Simulator Pencemaran Perairan) Sebagai Media Sosialisasi Penyelamatan Lingkungan Perairan, topten finalist LKTA Jambi University, Green Belt Conservation project presenter at USA Embassy, paper presenter in ESCA 53 and Ocean & Coastal Management Estuaries and Coastal Areas in Times of Intense Change (Elsevier) Shanghai China, Paper presenter at Scientific Meeting of Hokkaido University Sapporo Japan.



Never change old photo, this is i am.

June 28, 2010, Lusita given the opportunity to be one of the students of Bogor Agricultural University (IPB). (


Depok 28 to 30 October 2011, Lusita given the opportunity to be one of the participants Youth for Climate Camp (YFCC) 2011 “One landed Water, Land and Air Indonesia” in Sawangan Golf Resort, Depok. The event was organized by the National Council on Climate Change (DNPI), which was attended by students from a variety of Sabang-Merauke Background, collaborate to find a solution of the existing problems in Indonesia, especially from around the region / area. (


February 2012, Lusita given the opportunity to be observer in Indonesia Young Changemakers Summit (IYCS) 2012. A program initiated by Anies Baswedan and British Council, in which 200 young people from all over Indonesia meet to share their experiences in making changes to Indonesia, and is expected to collaborate in making the change movements. (


2012, Lusita given the opportunity to carry out the mandate in Ministry of Campus Policy (JAKPUS)) in student organizations executive board of student (BEM KM IPB Kabinet Berkarya), President of the organization named Mohammed Saefrudin FEM/ESL/45 and vice presidents named Fatullah FMIPA/STK/45. With a minister named Lutfi Brilliant Wanda FPIK/PSP/45 and ministers secretaries named Filda Nurria Agustifa MA FATETA/ITP/45. (


2012-2013, Lusita given the opportunity to carry out the mandate in the Forum for Scientifict Studies (Forces) IPB. which is one of Student Activity Unit Bogor Agricultural University  that focuses on the scientific papers. Lusita given the mandate to become the Treasurer of the division RISEDU. (Http://


2013, Lusita given the opportunity to carry out the mandate in Water Resources Management Student Association (HIMASPER) which is a Professional Association (HIMPRO) IPB students in accordance with the majors, in the division HRD (Human Resources Devlopment). (


Student of Aquatic Resources Management 2010

Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science

Bogor Agricultural University



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